Here at The Gossip Nail Bar, we LOVE epic nails and we want you to have the best nails EVER! We’re not about rushing clients in and out the door as quickly as possible like some salons. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your time with us and have time to chose your designs, enjoy a coffee or cocktail. Your appointment includes a consultation to discuss what style you want your nails, what shape, what length, what colour to chose, what stamp design to go for. We know there’s so much choice so we want you to walk out the door feeling like you’ve got the best nails in Bristol and have spent quality chill time with your bae.

Please be sure to book the correct service below. There is no difference in price, we just want to make sure to allow for enough time for you preferred design.

BASIC BITCH – Plain colour in either gloss or matte, long or short. (Acrylics: includes infills or new set)

CUTE MANI – Short nails with stamping designs, glitters and shimmers. (Acrylics: includes infills or new set)

EPIC ACRYLICS – Long with gems, stamping designs, shimmers and glitters. (Acrylics: includes infills or new set)